Monday, September 16, 2013

Scare A Con 2013

The Face Paint Lady would like to thank Scare A Con for having this crazy girl at the northeast's premier horror and sci-fi convention and film festival. 

If you didn't get to check it out, here is what you missed. 
A psychic fair, a film festival, a ton of REALLY friendly people, crazy and elaborate costumes, vendors and crafters bearing some of the most insane wares I have ever seen (it was hard to not go broke there!), and celebrities. Lots and lots of celebrities. If you're a horror fan you might recongnize a lot of the names at this event. 

I got the pleasure of face painting Miss Kylie Szymanski, from The Walking Dead... 
The Face Paint Lady and Kylie Szymanski
...and put face makeup on Jake Busey...
The Face Paint Lady with Jake Busey
... and got to talk to some pretty impressive authors, actors, paranormal researchers, photographers, local businesses, not-so-local businesses and more! 
If you came out to Scare A Con and got your face painted, (or even if you didn't get painted) thank you so much for stopping by!
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Many many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put on such an amazing event. 

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